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Title Page


Methodology and Credits

Translator’s Introduction

Author’s Introduction

The 1st Pause: Shedding a Tear for Tawheed

The 2nd Pause with: The Noble Quran

The 3rd Pause with: The Companions of the Messenger of Allah -Salah Allah ‘Alaihi wa Salam-

The 4th Pause with: The Imamate

The 5th Pause with: Names

The 6th Pause: A pause with the Tatars

The 7th Pause with: The City of Kufa

The 8th Pause: A Pause with the Risalah of Taqleed

The 9th Pause: Has the Religion been completed?

The 10th Pause: The Persians and Islam

The 11th Pause: The Treaty of Al-Hasan

The 12th Pause: A Pause with the Mahdi

The 13th Pause: A Pause with the [issue of] Fadak

The 14th Pause: A rich history, but with what?

The 15th Pause: Ali & Umar [May Allah be pleased with them]

The 16th Pause with: The Rib of Fatima [May Allah be pleased with her]

The 17th Pause with: The Khums and the Zakaat

The 18th Pause: Who would you join in Marriage with?

The 19th Pause: A Pause with the Death of Al-Hussein?

The 20th Pause: A Pause with Ijtihad

The 21st Pause with: ‘Aisha the Mother of the Believers [May Allah be well-pleased with her]

The 22nd Pause: A Pause with Mut’ah

The 23nd Pause: A Pause with Taqiya (Dissimulation)

The 24th Pause: Karbala and the Ka’bah

The Last (25th) Pause: Excessiveness [and extremism]

Final Words

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